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Implant Troubleshooting Advice by Dr. Sam Jain-Does #10 implant need to be replaced?

Does #10 implant need to be replaced?

Implant at site #10 [maxillary left lateral incisor; 22] was placed in 2007. In March 2013, the implant became infected and was treated with amoxillin.   The  implant was also infected in 2008, about one week before crowns were placed. Pain is currently still present at implant site despite treatment with antibiotic. Any thoughts on whether implant needs to be done again?

Implant Troubleshooting Advice by Dr. Sam Jain
Sam Jain says:

A Picture of the site is needed and a good pa is needed to assess the interproximal bone
Facial bone is present at the crest where it is the most important. So if prox bone is good the infection is not at the neck of the implant.
So if the apical buccal is infected and red, make a horizontal incision just apical to MG junction, expose the threads and grind them away with a diamond bur all the way to body of implant , this will remove infected titanium, scub with metro clinda tetracycline until your heart's content, and make taco salad of bmp soaked collagen with mfdba +autogen bone from max tubrosity and graft ( one xxs bmp bottle would be enough)
I also add prf liquid and prf membrane over the graft and close gently with vicryl or gut.
Crestal buccal bone is the best thing going on for u.
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